RN Estate Malbecs

RN Estate Malbec Vertical


For Labor Day we cracked open a couple of malbecs that had been in the cellar for a while. Both were from the infamous RN Estate. We’ve written extensively about Roger Nicolas and his Paso Robles venture, so we won’t repeat that here.

The two wines were vintages 2009 and 2012. And they could not have been more different. The 2009 (after decanting) is positively decadent. Chocolate, coffee, and Chinese five-spice aromas lead to a dense, tangled weave of more chocolate and coffee, but with a touch of Ancho chile on the palate.

The 2012 exhibited youthful exuberance. Aromas of strawberries and raspberries followed by even more on the palate.

We’re pretty sure we’ll continue as members of the RN Estate wine club.

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