Email Header and Event Dates

Sofitel Fail


 Email Header and Event Dates

On October 1 we received an e-mail from Sofitel, the fairly large French hotel chain.  It happens that we have a Sofitel in our neighborhood — the Sofitel “San Francisco Bay” located in Redwood Shores.  Google maps says this hotel is 23.4 miles south of San Francisco, but whatever — it’s  been nice to us (until they hired a new chef and the croissants went to hell).  We’ve stayed there several times, usually with good results.  But now we are skeptical.  This is a major Sofitel fail.

Today I got this in my e-mail:

Notice anything unusual there?  That’s right — the email was sent October 1 but the main event being promoted ended September 30.  To confirm this I visited the Sofitel website and saw this:

Sorry, folks, but you gotta do better than this.

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