The Two 2012s

Early Look at the 2012s


Friday we visited our friends at the Artisan Wine Depot in search of pinot noir.  James informed me that a few 2012 pinot noir vintages had arrived.  Specifically, he recommended the Siduri Russian River Valley blend and the always-reliable Sean Minor Four Bears.  He also gave a rave, two-thumbs-up, review of the 2012s generally.  This is our early look at the 2012s.

In a few words, James is correct.  The Siduri has powerful aromas of cherry and rose petals, followed by a delicious mouthful of pure fruit.  A bargain at $27 (Artisan price).  The Sean Minor is less complex with minerality overlaying the fruit aromas.  The style is lighter than the Siduri, tending toward raspberries.  And it’s only $12.

We look forward to additional releases of more of what looks like an outstanding vintage.  As a side note, Siduri has redesigned their label, going for a somewhat more traditional, sharper, and cleaner look:

Siduri New Label

Siduri New Label

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