Political Wine

Political Wine

When she was still writing for Bloomberg, Megan McArdle did a winetasting of two wine clubs: National Review and The Nation.  The former is conservative, the latter is very liberal. Hence, political...

Greg (left) and Jim

Irony in Oregon Pinot Noir

A great example of irony in Oregon pinot noir. We’re waiting patiently for the first reviews. Thanks to Meg Worley for spotting this.

Gourmet Water?

New Sommelier Jobs

Today’s New York Post reports that there are a bunch of new sommelier jobs — for gourmet water.  From the article: “That’s right, restaurateurs are learning the nuances behind the...

Schramsberg Home Page

What Is Champagne?

What is Champagne? This question is raised by a story on NPR’s Morning Edition.  The focus of the story was Champagne.  There were so many inaccuracies and misstatements that I’m writing two pieces...

Gopher Patrol at RN Estate

Gopher Control the RN Estate Way

We are fortunate enough to belong to the RN Estate wine club.  Naturally, we get regular e-mails from them.  The latest included an unusual approach to gopher control the RN Estate way.  Sure, RN...