Jack Creek Vineyards Jack Creek Cellars Shows Why Wine Clubs Are Good

Jack Creek Cellars Shows Why Wine Clubs Are Good


[pullquote]We need to join their wine club right now. In a few years that will be the only way to get their wine.[/pullquote]

If memory serves, we first visited Jack Creek Cellars in 2006. After tasting their wine, Norma whispered this→

Norma was off by a few years. A few days ago, an e-mail arrived. Buried in a footnote at the end was the announcement that starting in 2016 the club would be closed. An inquiry to Brette Womack, Jack Creek’s general manager (for lack of a better title) brought forth the full press release. They are also closing their tasting room and will do tastings by appointment only on the first Saturday of each month.

Jack Creek Cellars shows why wine clubs are good. As a member you support your favorite wineries. And in many cases you get exclusive access to a few wines, events, and, of course, priority in the tasting room. And, if the winery is successful, you also get continued access to their wine!

Tony with Doug Kruse at Jack Creek Cellars wine clubs

Tony with Doug Kruse at Jack Creek Cellars

Doug and Sabrina Kruse continue to make excellent wine and serve as wonderful hosts to wine club events. Here’s part of the press release:

We are very grateful that our wine club has successfully grown via word of mouth, to the point that we now must put a cap on it in order to continue to provide wine to you, our members. At the end of 2015 the Wine Family will be closed to new members and a wait list will be started. New members will be added as space opens up, or we have enough wine to welcome new friends.

Along with this, we will be closing our tasting room in order to preserve enough wine for our Wine Family in the coming years. In lieu of this year’s very lean harvest and our current inventory, we are planning ahead and feel this is the best way we can serve our current members.

Starting January 2nd, 2016 we will be open for appointments the first Saturday of each month only, and look forward to making this tasting experience fun and memorable.

So there it is. Better sign up for that wine club right now!

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