The Canyon Villa

A Preview of Our Long Weekend in Paso Robles


We headed south on July 5 to spend a few days in Paso Robles.  Our original reason was to attend the first annual Forks & Corks event held at Halter Ranch winery.  But we discovered a new restaurant, a new trend in rosés, and a bunch of new wineries worth talking about.  This is a preview of our long weekend in Paso Robles.  Additional details will follow in a series of articles.

The new restaurant is Robert’s Restaurant and Wine Bar.  We usually don’t review restaurants, but will make an exception because this place is an incredible value.

At the outset, we have to mention our friends and innkeepers Diane and Jim of the Canyon Villa bed and breakfast.  There may be better places to stay on this planet, but not very many and not much better.

Forks & Corks highlighted food and any beverage bottled with a cork.  Mini-review: too few forks.

The new rosés are grenache-syrah blends.  We usually avoid rosés but have discovered that this is a worthwhile exception.

And, of course, there are half a dozen new wineries plus a treat: An hour long visit with Roger Nicolas of RN Estate.

Stay tuned.

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