Donatiello Offering Pinot Noir Deal at TJs


Chris Donatiello is offering a terrific pinot noir deal at TJs (at least the Trader Joe’s stores in the greater Silicon Valley area).  While browsing the wine aisle at the Mountain View TJ’s, I saw a familiar logo:

“I recognize that D,” I said to myself.  Sure enough, it’s a pinot noir from the justifiably famous C. Donatiello winery.  This is a 2009 Russian River Valley.  At a price of $9.99 a bottle, it’s a steal.  I advise going out and buying some right now before we personally deplete the chain’s inventory.

We had the good fortune to meet Chris at the technical seminar the day before Pinot on the River 2009.  He really knew his stuff.  And when we tasted his pinots, we were sold.

This pinot lacks the complexity of Donatiello’s other offerings.  But for ten bucks, it’s a heck of a deal.  Especially since Donatiello’s other pinots are priced in the neighborhood of $50.

What’s in the Bottle?

Donatiello 2009 Russion River pinot noir

Donatiello 2009 Russion River Valley pinot noir

The back of the bottle has all the wine identification info.  I’ll save you the trouble.

2009 Russian River Valley.
Harvested 9-2 to 10-9
Barrel aging: 10 months
Barrel composition: 100 percent French oak, 30 percent new
Bottled: August 5, 2010
Cases produced: 2,226
Alcohol: 13.5%




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