Best Wines With BBQ?

[Images courtesy of Fix.com]

The folks over at Fix.com have published a guide to wines that pair with various summer dishes.  The guide is pretty generic — California zinfandels with BBQ ribs, for example — but it’s entertaining with some good suggestions that may not have occurred to you.

Wine Suggestions for BBS Ribs Best Wines With BBQ?

Wine Suggestions for BBS Ribs (click for larger image)

Memorial Day 2016 Ribs


Honoring our active and retired military personnel is not inconsistent with enjoying the first ribs of the season.

Best Food for Pinot Noir

What’s the best food for pinot noir?  We recommend Rendezvous Ribs with Lemon Brown Sugar sauce.  Both are from Steven Raichlen’s opus Raichlen on Ribs, Ribs, Outrageous Ribs.

Steven is the author of many books about barbecue.  His best-known, The Barbecue Bible, explores barbecue around the world.  Many of his recipes can be found on his website BarbecueBible.com.