Greg (left) and Jim

An unwelcome trend: wine drunks

Over the past few years we’ve attended quite a few wine events.  On some occasions these have included hors d’oeuvres or even dinner.  It looks to us like the trend is to pour as much...

Pinot on the River 2009

Pinot on the River 2009

To get ready for Pinot on the River 2011 we reviewed our notes and photos from Pinot on the River 2009.  That year, Pinot Report chief Greg Walter put together a three-day symposium before POTR.  We...

Lynmar Wine Club Dinner Summer 2009

Lynmar Estate Winery Gala Dinner

 … or why you should join wine clubs. On August 29 we were blessed to be able to attend a club member appreciation dinner at Lynmar Estate Winery (just outside Santa Rosa).  Our hosts, winery...