Dinner at Siduri Preview

On December 14, 2019 we made the trek to Santa Rosa for the annual Siduri holiday dinner.  Great food, friendly crowd, terrific wine and – bonus – an excellent duo creating music. We’ll get...

Shark Wine Glass

Just in Time for Christmas.

The gift for every wine lover you know.  Available through in many varieties. Just in time for Christmas.

EU planting rights

New European Union Planting Rights

Via the American Association of Wine Economists, the new European Union planting rights are available.  As you may have guessed, winegrapes are being planted.  This is yet another illustration of EU...

Kent Rosenblum at work

Kent Rosenblum, an Appreciation

I just heard that Kent Rosenblum passed away on September 5, 2018. Mr. Rosenblum, founder of the eponymous Rosenblum Cellars, became famous for zinfandels, sourcing grapes from all over Northern...

Bad News For the Santa Rita Hills

[pullquote]Santa Barbara County went to big too quick.[/pullquote] There is, indeed, bad news for the Santa Rita Hills. Santa Barbara County has implemented a set of regulations for marijuana growers...

Political Wine

Political Wine

When she was still writing for Bloomberg, Megan McArdle did a winetasting of two wine clubs: National Review and The Nation.  The former is conservative, the latter is very liberal. Hence, political...

Sister Wineries

En Route Redux

We discovered En Route pinot noir at Pinotfest 2015.  And we were very impressed.  On Norma’s recent birthday we took a chance on The Post, a new local restaurant (full review forthcoming, stay...