Bradrona in New Zealand


Bradrona? BRADRONA? Read on.

Bradrona from Google Earth

Bradrona from Google Earth (click for larger image)

Belden Barns remains one of our favorite new discoveries from a few years ago. Nate Belden and his lovely wife Lauren Hirshfield Belden are currently visiting New Zealand. It happens that Lauren and I are Facebook friends. She recently posted this:

“Welcome to Bradrona” –one of the more bodacious sites we’ve seen on our trip. A random roadside fence with bras of all shades and sizes hanging as far as the eye can see. Wondering if I should be worried that our musical little love bug burst into a spontaneous “I love boobies boobies boobies!” song and started crying when we had to get back in the car….

The “musical little love bug” mentioned is their son Milo. For the full story (including more photos and maps) click here.

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