Pinot on the River 2011

Pinot on the River 2011 — a twittering Pinot Noir Event


Pinot on the River 2011 will be October 23 at noon.  This year this pinot noir tasting event is being held in Healdsburg’s plaza instead of at a hosting winery.  About 80 wineries mainly from northern and central coast California will be pouring and serving artisanal cheese. Tickets are $75.

[quote_left] Tweet hashtags #pinotriver, #healdsburg. Look for our #4corks (best), #3corks (nice), #2corks (eh!) and #1cork (yuck) scoring.[/quote_left]We will be tweeting from @CaWineFan, so log in starting around 11am Sunday for our on-the-spot evaluations, thoughts, reactions, or whatever we feel like adding. The subject hashtag created by the event organizer for this event is #pinotriver. Other subject hastags to look for and use yourself are #healdsburg, #pinot. We’ll be using twitter to flag the tastiest and best values we find as we find them.  Look for our #4corks (best), #3corks (nice), #2corks (eh!) and #1cork (yuck) scoring. We’ll be looking for your tweets and scoring all afternoon too. Unless it is raining, we’ll be wearing our California Wine Fan t-shirts. Say hello.

Pinot on the River Past – Fun Facts

We were at Pinot on the River a few years ago when the event was at the Rodney Strong Vineyards.  The day before we were lucky enough to get into an all-day technical session sponsored by the Pinot Report.  Among others we heard from

Among the many interesting facts presented, we were impressed with the winemakers’ use of reverse osmosis to remove smoke from wine produced from Anderson Valley grapes after a summer of forest fires in the area.  Sadly the Pinot Report doesn’t seem to be offering the technical sessions this year. Donatiello, West, Auteur, and Hahn will definitely be at Pinot on the River 2011.  The list of participating wineries will probably change right up to Sunday morning, so tune in for our tweets.
Winemaker Greg La Follette

Winemaker Greg La Follette

Santa Lucia Highlands – This AVA will be tasting

Hahn Family is notable for producing under eight different labels.  Those with money to burn should check the Lucienne brand for high-end Santa Lucia Highlands pinot noirs.  By the way, Hahn Estate’s address is Soledad, a town known for two things (1) being located in the heart of the Salinas Valley, where a good part of the U.S. vegetable crop is grown, and (2) the home of the Salinas Valley State Prison.

Don’t be put off by the address.  In fact, there are about half a dozen wineries tucked up against the east edge of the Santa Lucia Highlands a couple of miles west of the town.  Those feeling adventurous (and driving a vehicle with good road clearance and a sturdy suspension) might enjoy driving through the Highlands on Carmel Valley Road.  We have been told that a motorcycle is the best way to navigate the potholes and rocks on this adventurous road.

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