Feeding Frenzy at Failla – POTR 2011


Wine Consumers vs. The Media

It’s hard to tell how much of the 4 person deep crowd at the Failla tasting table at Pinot On The River 2011 was consumers and how much was media. I’d guess majority media.

[quote_left] … the media swarmed the tasting table…people blabbed and blabbed….no one would leave[/quote_left]Wines & Vines sent two guys. Then there was a persistent knot of 3 reporter-photographers from another rag. The wine maker, Ehren Jordan, has quite a rep for making cult zinfandel for Turley recently.  And Robert Parker touts Failla pinot noir favorably.

Ehren & Anne-Marie

Failla is the label of the husband-and-wife team of Ehren Jordan and his wife Anne-Marie Failla. Jordan was removed from the Failla winery name to end legal and marketing contention with the Jordan Vineyard and Winery in the Alexander Valley.

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Pressing Through the Crowd to Taste – 4 corks!

[quote_left] …finally the prize – a taste of Failla Sonoma Coast 2010[/quote_left]But the Failla winemakers weren’t at the POTR event to do the pouring. Yet the media swarmed and swarmed the table. No one would leave to make way for others. Plus people blabbed and blabbed with the Failla staff like they hadn’t seen each other for 20 years.

This made it very challenging for California Wine Fans to actually get a taste of the Failla Sonoma Coast 2010.  Pinot Noir. But we did. 4 corks up. But there were several other wineries’ wines at the tasting we liked as well.

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