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Garagiste Northern Exposure in Sonoma Preview Part 2

This is part 2 of our preview of Garagiste Northern Exposure.  We advise reading Part 1 first if you haven’t already. As an overview note, many wineries were pouring 2013 and/or 2014 vintages.  We preferred the 2013’s by and large. […]

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Walking In

Garagiste Northern Exposure in Sonoma Preview Part 1

On May 12 we traveled north to the town of Sonoma for the first Garagiste event north of Paso Robles: Garagiste Northern Exposure.  And we were not disappointed. 

Crawford Family Wines

The End of Bad Pinots? Garagiste Visits Solvang Overview

Garagiste Southern Exposure, Solvang, February, 2016 from Norma Schroder on Vimeo. On February 11 we headed south. Our objective was the Southern Exposure edition of the California Garagistes on

Solvang Garagiste Festival

Solvang Garagiste Festival 2016 Preview and Winery List

We've been looking forward to the Solvang Garagiste Festival for quite a few months.  The party will be in Solvang, about 40 miles north of Santa Barbara on

Scott and Gib Pagter Paso Garagiste 2015: Are We Running Out of Pinot Noir Grapes?

Paso Garagiste 2015: Is California Running Out of Pinot Noir Grapes?

Is California running out of pinot noir grapes? That’s the question that came to mind after finally getting around to reviewing the November 7, 2015 Paso Robles Garagiste

Garagiste 2015

A Video Preview of Paso Robles Garagiste Festival 2015

November 7 was the big day.  And what a day it was.  We'll have an article up sometime fairly soon.  Until then, Norma offers this video to whet

Friday Crowd Paso Robles Garagiste Festival 2014: But Not Pinot Noir

Paso Robles Garagiste Festival 2014: But Not Pinot Noir

After exhausting the pinots we made another circuit to taste other reds. We were delighted to discover that many wineries have followed the lead of Roger Nicolas, producing

Garagiste Crowd

Paso Robles Garagiste Festival 2014: The Best of the Rest

Our earlier review focused on the best two pinot noirs we found at Garagiste: Vinemark Cellars  2012 Paso Robles pinot noir ($29) and Vino Vargas  2012 Rio Ruso

Garagiste Saturday Grand Tasting

Paso Robles Garagiste Festival 2014: Two Pinots to Watch

We spent the first hour plus at the Saturday Garagiste grand tasting doing a tour of pinot noirs. And we found two to watch: Vinemark Cellars and Vino

Paso Roble Garagiste Festival 2014

We traveled south for the Paso Roble Garagiste Festival 2014.  Full reviews will be forthcoming in the next few months.  But for today we're posting an Excel workbook

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