Bob, Kelly, and Sarah Smerling Cabana Winery at Family Winemakers 2017

Cabana Winery and Bistro at Family Winemakers 2017

Cabana is the first of two central valley wineries we visited at Family Winemakers 2017. (Dancing Coyote is the second.) Located in East Sacramento, the official name is Cabana Winery and Bistro. According to several reviews (here and here), the […]

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Pier 27 view Family Winemakers 2017 Stay On Message

Family Winemakers 2017 Stay True To Your Terroir

This is our overview article about the Family Winemakers Tasting 2017 event. We’ve attended and reviewed these event organizers a few times in the past (most notably in

Pomona Part 2

Two More From Pomona: Windsor Oaks, Vino Vargas

In our previous article we raved about Picayune Cellars and Flying Goat Cellars. But we tasted pinot noirs from eleven -- count them -- eleven wineries making pretty

Rob Murray

Rob Murray Won’t Be Easy to Find

Rob Murray Vineyards rounds out our top six from the Family Winemakers Tasting August 17.  Despite bottling under four labels, production is fairly small, usually under 500 cases

The Original Maggy Hawk Maggy Hawk Offers Money, Story, Marketing and Great Wine

Maggy Hawk Offers Money, Story, Marketing and Great Wine

You will learn precious little about Maggy Hawk from their website. In order to buy their wine you must join their "Collector" group. E-mail Brooke Gadke to be

Pietra Santa at FWC

Pietra Santa Gets Third Place

[Updated September 9, 2014.  Minor corrections to pricing for both wines as well as their lineages. Route 152 is an even better bargain at $10 than it was

Paul and Bryan Vais Bailiwick Wines Offers a Plethora of Pinots

Bailiwick Wines Offers A Plethora of Pinots

[Corrected September 4, 2014 per e-mail from Bryan Vais.  We got several facts wrong about the Foray. Our apologies for not doing enough research.] We arrived at Bailiwick late

Belden Barns Barn Belden Barns is the New Number One

Belden Barns is the New Number One

[September 2, 2014: half a dozen minor changes per information supplied by Nate Belden.] At the Family Winemakers tasting August 17 we reviewed over 20 wineries and tasted at

Family Winemakers Crowd Scene Family Winemakers Overview

Family Winemakers Tasting Overview

We had originally planned for this to be one long post reviewing the top six wineries. When that document started approaching 3,000 words we decided to use a more

Family Winemakers Winery List

Family Winemakers Tasting August 17

We plan to attend the Family Winemakers tasting August 17 in San Mateo.  We will be occasionally live-tweeting.  We have put together an Excel workbook that contains basic

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