Sojourn Cellars, Ziggy, and TCA

At the August 17 Family Winemakers tasting in San Mateo, we discovered Sojourn Cellars and their excellent pinot noir. While doing research on Sojourn’s website we ran across the story of Ziggy, “The Love Dog” and official canine of the […]

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Malibu Vineyard The New Malibu Coast AVA Might Be DOA

The New Malibu Coast AVA Might Be DOA

The new Malibu Coast AVA might be DOA.  Today the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed a far-reaching coastal plan that specifically prohibits planting new vineyards.  Existing

Tasting Room

Rhine and Mosel Visit Artisan

Saturday, March 1, we seized the opportunity to visit Artisan Wine Depot's new store in Los Gatos.  The event was a tasting of German wines from the southwestern

Wine and Music

Does Music Change the Taste of Wine?

Does music change the taste of wine?  That question is posed by an interesting entry in Jonah Lehrer's Frontal Cortex blog on  Lehrer’s blog is a summary

Wooden Racks in a Shady Cool Coastal California Garage

Cellaring Wine – Do-it-Yourself Solutions

Most do-it-yourself solutions for cellaring wine involve tools and pricey materials.  Simpler alternative approaches can get you decent results without all the fuss, expense, and your time ...

Reisling Wine Glass Sculpture Germany

Irrational Exuberance in California Rieslings

A summer heat wave means it's time  to go on a riesling tasting to help offset the thermometer.  We tasted about half a dozen, but Query's 2009 Central

High Alcochol Wines Mea Culpa-2

High alcohol wine: mea culpa

OK, I was a little bit wrong last month when I berated the Wall Street Journal for touting high alcohol wine.  Norma and I were two of the

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