LIOCO Does Wine Marketing Right

We have been negligent in our review of the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir festival.  Despite being semi-retired, there are consulting contracts and many other distractions.  But one winery we did like (and will review) is LIOCO.  Today we’re writing about […]

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Jack Creek Vineyards Jack Creek Cellars Shows Why Wine Clubs Are Good

Jack Creek Cellars Shows Why Wine Clubs Are Good

If memory serves, we first visited Jack Creek Cellars in 2006. After tasting their wine, Norma whispered this→ Norma was off by a few years. A few days ago,

Where You Buy Wine Makes a Difference

A few weeks ago, Norma brought home a couple of bottles of Famille Perrin Côtes du Rhône Village Rouge 2012.  She bought them at our local Costco (Mountain

Say No to PA Pennsylvania Declares War on Wine

Pennsylvania Declares War on Wine

[Updated September 22, 2o14 with additional information from a friend who lives in Pennsylvania.] We interrupt our regular reviewing with a public service announcement. First, you need to know

Laird Family Estate Tasting Room

Laird Family Estate

It's been a while since our last article about the August 17 Family Winemakers Tasting in San Mateo. But there are more good wineries to be reviewed. Our

J. Christopher 2010 :"Dundee Hills Cuvee" pinot noir

J Christopher 2010 Dundee Hills Cuvee Pinot Noir

Our friends at Artisan Wine Depot (Mountain View, CA, see map below) invited us over for a "French Burgundy vs. Oregon Pinot Noir tasting."  The French burgundies were,

Buellton Wineries — Terravant is it

Buellton Wineries? Want to taste wine at a state of the art sports bar and mega winery? Scores of small Santa Barbara pinot noir winemakers rely on Terravant

A French Herd

New French Innovation for Using Surplus Wine

A few minutes ago I discovered a new French innovation for using surplus wine: feed it to cows.  Not kidding.  ABC News reports that French winemaker Jean-Charles Tastavy

Roshambo Winery Exterior

Roshambo Winery: A Case Study in Failure

A few years back, we visited the newly-opened Roshambo Winery. Today Roshambo is a case study in failure. But back in 2005, it was something to see. The

Winery Parking Lots

Winery Owners: Don’t bake my wine in the parking lot

  We have visited a couple hundred wineries over the years. Although there are always trees around the often sumptous architecture housing the tasting room, on a sunny day

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