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Orion and Tony

Orion and Tony

Dilecta was one of our discoveries on our trip to Paso Robles in January.  Following the recommendation of Wills and Kath Carter (proprietors and hosts at the fabulous Canyon Villa), we visited the winery for a delightful hour of tasting and conversation.  Owner – winemaker Orion Stang knows his way around the standard GSM grapes.  But technically these are not GSM in that he often uses only two of the three grapes.  Tonight we opened the 2014 Unorthodox and Cookie.  The two could not be more different.  Before reading further, here’s some advice.  If you have these in your cellar, leave them for at least another year, and two would probably be a good idea.  They’re tasty right now but will improve with more age.

Unorthodox 2014 78% syrah 22% mourvedre opens with aromas of earth, licorice and black raspberries.  The palate is spice with some tannins and more black raspberries.  A long and tangy finish rounds out a very pleasant experience.  This one could wait another year. (The 2014 is no longer available from Dilecta.  The 2015 is $52.)

Playful Dilecta dog

Playful Dilecta dog

The 2014 Cookie is big.  Really big.  The wine opens with deceptive aromas of black olives, black raspberries and spice.  The palate is a bomb.  Deep, rich, and opulent with more spice and dark fruit.  Youthful tannins with a good acid balance and fruit backbone imply this one will continue to improve for at least five years. (The 2014 is no longer available from Dilecta.  The 2015 is $62.)

Orion’s mom is an artist.  She designs the labels for the wines.  These labels are much wider than the traditional size.  As such, only a video clip can do them justice.

If you’re a fan of syrah, you can do no better than Mr. Stang’s wines.

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