Jack Creek 2009 Kruse Vineyard Pinot Noir

Jack Creek Kruse 2009

We managed to hold off opening our lone remaining bottle of Jack Creek 2009 Kruse Vineyard pinot noir until tonight.  After all, we missed the official Open That Bottle night which we try to celebrate every year.  More on Open That Bottle in a moment.  Now the wine.

The Kruse Vineyard is owned and maintained by Doug and Sabrina Kruse, the owners of Jack Creek Cellars.  Doug is the winemaker, Sabrina handles the business side and the whole operation is pretty wonderful.  This wine has aromas of cola, rose petals, and chocolate-covered cherries with a touch of anise.  The flavors are long and complex.  On the palate the wine opens with silken tannins and a hint of spice, developing into densely flavored blackberries and ripe plums.  The finish is long and smooth, featuring notes of earth and chocolate.  4 corks and I’m tempted to add a fifth just for this one.

Open That Bottle Night has a Twitter hashtag (#OTBN) and is hosted by PalatePress.com at http://palatepress.com/2013/02/wine/a-40-year-romance-a-40-year-wine-open-that-bottle-night-2013/. It was created by John Brecher and Dottie Gaiter when they wrote their weekly column for the Wall Street Journal.  The idea is simple. Every wine lover has a couple of bottles in the cellar that they’re saving for a special occasion. John and Dottie made the point that, with wine, every night is a special night. When they left the Wall Street Journal in 2009 we wrote a column lamenting their departure.  Since then we have stopped reading the Journal’s wine columns.  They are neither informative nor informed.  We miss John and Dottie.

Unfortunately, this year OTBN was February 11.  By the time I discovered that fact, we were well into the bottle.  Oh, well, still terrific stuff!


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Tony Lima has been a California wine fan since arriving in California from the east coast in 1974. He's lived the growth and expansion of the West Coast industry first hand. He's seen the fickle California Wine consumer fads pop up and burst... the craze for Zinfandel, then oaky Chardonnay, then Merlot, now Pinot Noir. On behalf of fellow Californian oenophiles, he hunts for great pinot noir and great values in pinot noir all along the West Coast. His day job is Professor of Economics at California State University located in Hayward. His undergrad degree in chemical engineering (MIT) and his MBA (Harvard) and Ph.D. Economics (Stanford) are the root of his interest in the Business of Wine. He is a card-carrying member of the AAWE - American Association of Wine Economists.

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